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Poster: light into ashes Date: Aug 15, 2011 11:40am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: September '73

It was kind of "horns of the cheap," just rounding up a couple friends of Jerry's... (They were actually playing in Doug Sahm's band, opening for the Dead on that tour.)

There doesn't seem to be as much outright squealing on 9/15...the Truckin' jam is done differently than on the 17th, and the Eyes seemed more jammed-out. Also the Let It Grow - I think this is the song where the horns fit in the best, it's more natural for them. (Their chord backing in Eyes just didn't seem to fit well with the song's bounce.) Let It Grow is quite good considering it was new to the Dead as well (they only started playing it on 9/7), and the horn players would have been familiar with it since they'd also worked on it in the studio.

9/15 has an interesting extended outro to Let It Grow - there's a spot where the band lays back & lets the horns take over for a bit, there's some fluting & yelping that reminds me of Charles Lloyd in the 1/14/67 Schoolgirl; then it ends with a nice extended Jerry/Keith space. Though the Dead had somewhat rigid second-sets on this tour, at times like this it feels like they're deliberately dawdling & seeing what comes next, rather than heading for the next song.
The horns pretty much stay out of Stella Blue except for some quiet chord support at the end...and they don't add that much "cajun rhythm" to Sugar Magnolia, nor do they hurt much.

Martin Fierro later said, "The deadheads hated me. They really didn't want to hear horns with the Grateful Dead... The fans didn't like the horns so the Dead finally said 'Fuck it!' But we had a great time... We rehearsed, but we didn't have written arrangements, we had head arrangements. Sometimes it sounded pretty good and sometimes it was a little rough."

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Poster: jerlouvis Date: Aug 15, 2011 2:27pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: September '73

For the record Truckin' and Sugar Mag are unlistenable due to the horns participation,where on Let It Grow they feel organic and very in the flow.The flute on WRS Prelude lends a nice delicate counterpoint and the horns along with the vocal on LIG create a an interesting blend.The band sounds inspired by the presence of the horns on this version and each member stands out at some point,there is some strange yodeling/vocal weirdness and interesting Jerry/Keith interplay.I thought the quiet contribution of the horns on Stella Blue was a natural and the rollicking vibe they added on Let Me Sing Your Blues Away a perfect fit,it's a shame Keith mangled the vocal on that so badly they stopped doing it,Jerry should have taken over the vocal,that song had such a great slinky groove.

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